O´Design provides open source web applications with more than a decade's experience. We're specialised in building dynamic websites using Ruby on Rails (or whatever is the best tool for the job), that let our customers spend their time doing what they're best at.

Hi! I'm Jarkko Laine and I'm the head of O'Design. If you're interested in slimy elevator pitches and pages that look good in Internet Explorer only, you're in wrong place. We cut the crap, talk clear English and never lie to our customers. Our solutions are also always complying with the W3C standards.

We're based in Tampere, Finland, but serve clients from all over the world as a part of Bear Metal.

So if you need a site that's not only browser independent, accessible and usable — but also useful, drop us a mail.

This is how we work

Less talk
We like to show rather than tell. There's no people working for us whose only job is to talk the customer's ear off.
+ Less software
Software and websites are always means, never the end. Our goal is to solve a problem, not to build software.
+ Less lies
We stole this from ArsDigita: we never lie to customer. If the job is late because we rather slept away our hangover, we'll be the first ones to tell it.
= More value to the customer

We select the best framework for the job on a case-by-case basis. So far all of our projects have been built upon frameworks that use scripting languages: Ruby on Rails or OpenACS.